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Select, Rename and Navigate Plans

Select a floor plan

  • Expand the ‘Floor Plan’ browser on the right of the floor plan.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- plan added
  • Click on the floor plan thumbnails to change between plans.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- select a plan

Rename a floor plan

  • Click on the name on the thumbnail of a floor and type the new name

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- change name
  • Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to commit the change.

Search for a floor plan

  • Type your search term in the ‘search’ box at the top of the floor plan browser

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- search
  • The thumbnails will dynamically filter as you type.

Delete a floor plan

  • mouse over the floor plan thumbnail and click delete (X)

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- delete plan
  • To zoom in or out, use the mouse wheel or the magnifying glass icons in the toolbar. When zooming using the mouse wheel, point the cursor at the area that should stay in focus.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- zoom
  • To rotate a plan, use the plan rotation buttons in the toolbar.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - Navigate - Plan Rotation

  • To pan, press and hold the mouse button and drag the plan. Alternatively, you can use the horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Takeoff- scroll
Updated on March 11, 2022

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