Scale a plan

  • Click the scaling tool button in the takeoff toolbar if the tool is not selected

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - scale plan
  • Choose a segment of a known length.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - choose segment

The longer the segment, the more accurate will be the results.

  • Click the start and end of the segment and then enter its length, then click ‘Ok’

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - scale distance


For 10.5 metres, enter 10.5

For 2 feet 5 1/4 inches, enter 2′ 5 1/4″. The result will be converted to 2.44

  • Once the plan has been scaled, the system will start showing the current scale in the top-left corner.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - scale shown
  • To scale a plan that has different vertical and horizontal scales, click the drop down on the scale button, then select the ‘Scale non-uniformly’ option.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - XYscale shown
  • Repeat the above steps for a vertical and a horizontal segment of a known length.

Updated on March 11, 2022

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