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Select, change, and reuse outlines

You may need to select outlines to find the lines in the Quantity Table that use them or to add existing outlines to a measurement.

  • First, activate the Selection Tool.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - Edit - Select Tool
  • Check the items that you want to show.
  • To select a single measurement, click it. You can also change the line style of a single measurement.
  • To select a number of measurements, click them one by one holding the Shift key. You can switch between plans while selecting.
  • To toggle selection for a particular measurement, click it while holding the Ctrl key.
  • To unselect everything, click the current plan outside of any shapes.

Finding results for outlines in a Plan

  • To find rows in the Quantity Calculation section that use particular take-off outlines, select the outlines.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - Exact item
  • The rows that use them will be highlighted.

Changing Measurement Result Type

  • Focus the dimension cell and click the drop down, then select the measurement type

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - Change measurment type

Changing between a Length and Area can be change easily, although changing to a Count will delete the original measurement.

Reusing Outlines

  • Open the plan that contains the measurement.
  • Click the checkboxes to show the measurements you want to reference. alternative you can click the show all button in the tool bar.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - show all
  • With the select tool enabled, drag and drop to the desired cell.

    Job Estimate - Takeoff - Drag and drop
Updated on March 11, 2022
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