Managing views

The current view settings will be lost if you navigate away from the Estimate or switch to a different view (see below). You can give your current layout a name and save it for future use.

The system maintains a list of customisable views. Each job has a view assigned to it, and when you open the estimate for the job, it is displayed using this view. A new job is assigned a predefined view called ‘Default’.

  • To switch to a different view, select it in the main toolbar. The new view will be assigned to the job and used next time when you open the estimate.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Manage View - select view

If you made any changes to your current view, they will be lost at this point. If you want to keep them, save the current view.

  • To save current view, click ‘Save View’.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Manage View - save view
  • To save the current settings as a new view, click ‘New’. The system will prompt for a name, create the view and switch to it.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Manage View - new view
  • To rename current view, click Name.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Manage View - rename view
  • To delete current view, click Delete.

    Job Module - Job Estimate -Manage View - delete view

It is not possible to delete the ‘Default’ view.

Updated on February 14, 2022

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