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Using Estimate Templates

Add From Templates

  • To insert an item from templates above the current line, click the drop-down next to the ‘Insert Item’ Button.

    Job Estimate - insert new drop-down
  • Select ‘From Templates’ in the drop down to open Item Template side bar.

  • Select the Estimate Template Group from the drop-down, tick the items to be copied and then click ‘Add’

All headings will be created that contain the copied items even if the headings were not selected explicitly.

Once one or more lines were added to an estimate from a template, the template becomes the default Estimate Template for the job.

Apply Estimate Template

  • To apply an Estimate Template to an individual item or heading, click the ‘Template’ field and select the template from the drop-down list

    Job Module - Job Estimate - Apply Item Template
  • Use the search box to find other template items, items displayed will be from the default template, although all items, from all templates will be displayed if no default template is assigned.

    Job Module - Job Estimate - Search Item Template

If the Estimate Item is under a heading and the heading is associated with a heading template, only the Item Templates that appear under the heading template will be filtered out.

  • The item code, description, type, measurement unit and rate will be copied from the applied Item Template.

    Job Module - Job Estimate - Applied Item Template

If the item template has parameters, select item templates for these parameters. If an item provided as a parameter has parameters itself, you will be prompted to enter these parameters as well.

Update Items after template changes.

  • If an item has been changed after a template was applied to it, you can reset its type, unit and rate back to the ones of the linked template by clicking ‘Update…’ when the template drop-down is visible.

    Job Module - Job Estimate - update Item Template

For an item template with parameters, simply open the drop-down and press OK to update the item based on the template item.

  • To reset type, unit and rate for multiple selected items based on their linked Estimate Item Templates, click Update Rates icon.

    Job Module - Job Estimate - update Item Templates
Updated on February 16, 2022

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