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Using Global rates in Estimate

Inline add from Global Rates

  1. Click in the ‘Description‘ cell and start typing.
  2. Click ‘Global‘, to view Global rates.
  3. Select the rate you want to add to your estimate.

    add an inline global rate

Please note: When you add global rates inline, the system will only search within the list of rates you selected during your job creation, under the ‘Estimate and Progress Claims‘ section

Please note: When you are searching for Global rates linked to a specific heading, these rates will be highlighted in blue text for easy identification. If the rates are not associated with the heading, they will appear in grey text.

Global rates added to a job will now be stored in your ‘Rates‘ tab, as a Local rate

Add From Global rates

  1. To insert an item from Global rates above the current line, click the drop-down next to the ‘Insert Item’ Button.
  2. Select ‘From Global rates’ in the drop down to open Item Template side bar.

    Add a global rate to an estimate.
  3. Select the rates list from the drop-down.
  4. Tick the items to be copied
  5. Then click ‘Add

All headings will be created that contain the copied items even if the headings were not selected explicitly.

Global rates added to a job will now be stored in your ‘Rates‘ tab, as a Local rate

Once one or more lines were added to an estimate from a rates list, the template becomes the default Global rates for the job.

Update Items after Global rate changes.

  1. If an item has been changed after a rate was applied to it, you can reset its type, unit and rate back to the ones in the Global rates go to the ‘Rates‘ tab.
  2. Tick the items that you want to update.
  3. Click the update rates button.

    Update your local rates if they have been changed in your global rates

Updated on December 6, 2023

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