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Template Report

Estimate Item Templates Analysis Report displays the quantities and rates that were used for estimating a group of jobs. The report presents the information for each Item Templates that was used in the estimates and allows analysing the accuracy of the rates and/or Job Estimate.

  • To open the Estimate Template Analysis Report, click ‘Reports’, then click ‘Rates’.

    Reports Module - Estimate Report
  • Enter search criteria for the jobs if required and then click ‘Rebuild’.

    Reports Module - Estimate Report 1
  • The report will be displayed based on the selected search criteria

    Reports Module - Estimate Report 2

Each line in the report represents an Item Templates that was used in a Job Estimate.

The ‘Quantity’ column shows the total estimated quantity.

The ‘Rate’ column shows the rate.

Please note that the report ignores the rates entered in the estimates, so if a rate specified for an estimate item is different from the one of the templates the item is based on, the template rate value will be used to build the report and the rate from the estimate item itself will be ignored. Also, the report ignores estimate items that are not based on templates.

Updated on February 14, 2022

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