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Shopping List

  • To print out a shopping list for a job, select the job and click the menu on right-hand side.

    Job Module - Job Menu
  • Under the ‘Reports’ section, select ‘Shopping List’.

    Job Module - select shopping list
  • The shopping list report will be displayed.

    Job Module - Show shopping list

Items defined in the estimate are reflected differently in the shopping list depending on whether they are associated with an item template.

If an estimate item is not linked to a template, the estimate item itself with its rate is included in the shopping list as it is.

If an estimate item is linked to a template, the template rate is used instead in the report. The quantity in the report will still be the estimate item quantity.

If an estimate item is linked to a template with a composite rate, the templates making up the composite rate are included in the report individually. The system calculates quantity for each item template based on the source estimate item quantity.

For instance, if there is an estimate item with the quantity 8 m2 pointing at a composite rate ‘Painting (oil)’ that calculates as ‘Paint oil-based’ * 0.3l + ‘Painting labour’ * 0.2h per m2, there will be the ‘Paint oil-based’ line in the ‘Material’ section of the report with the quantity 2.4l and the ‘Painting labour’ line with the quantity 1.6h in the ‘Labour’ section.

Unlike customer quotes and invoices, when a shopping list is generated, the mark-up is not added to the rates.

Updated on February 14, 2022

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