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Setup Estimate Structure

Creating and Insert Items

  • To create a new item at the bottom of the table, start editing the last blank row.

  • To insert a new item above the current line, click the ‘Insert Item’ button in the toolbar.

    Job Estimate - insert new item

Enter Multiline Descriptions

  • Select the description cell for the item, and then click “Edit multiline description (Pencil).

    Job Estimate - edit multiline
  • To edit multiline descriptions in the table itself, change the row height to 3 or more lines in the toolbar.

    Job Estimate - Change Lines

Press Shift-Enter instead of Enter because pressing just Enter will move focus to another cell.

Insert a Heading

  • To insert a new heading above the current line, click the drop-down next to the ‘Insert Item’ Button.

    Job Estimate - insert new drop-down
  • Select ‘Heading’ in the drop down to insert a heading.

    Job Estimate - select heading
    Job Estimate - heading Added
Updated on January 27, 2022

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