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Report Designer

  • To Edit a Quote, Invoice, Rate Breakdown, Job or Rates report, click ‘Design’ in the main toolbar, then click ‘Edit’

    Reports Module - Report Designer 1
  • Change the report template in the HTML editor.

    Reports Module - Report Designer 2

A design of a report if defined by a report template. The template is an HTML document with some additional mark-up that allows CostMiner embedding your data, such as business details and estimate, into the template to produce the final page. It can repeat some sections of the template multiple times to render multiple items, for instance, lines in an invoice. The syntax of the additional mark-up is described in theĀ Template Definition.

  • The report is re-generated as you edit the template. If there is an error in the CostMiner mark-up, the error message will be displayed on the right-hand side instead of the report. Clicking the message will put the cursor at the location of the error in the template.
  • To rename the design, change its name in the text box in the main toolbar.

    Reports Module - Report Designer 3
  • To save the design, click ‘Save’.

    Reports Module - Report Designer 4
    To return to the Viewer mode, click ‘Close Editor’.

    Reports Module - Report Designer 5
Updated on February 14, 2022

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