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Job Templates

Create a new Job Template

  • To view job templates, click ‘Templates‘ on the main screen of the Jobs Module.

    Job Module - Go to Templates
  • To add a new job template, click ‘New‘.

    Job Module - New Job Template
  • Enter the template details and click ‘Save‘.

    Job Module - Save Job Template - Completed
  • An empty estimate screen will be displayed. Create an estimate template for the job template in a way like creating a Job Estimate. Click ‘Close‘ to return to the template screen.

    Job Module - Close Job Template
  • From the template screen you can open a template, modify template details, and delete a template, via the quick access icons.

    Job Module - Open/Modify/Delete Template

Save a Job as a Template

  • To save a job as a template, select the job and click the menu on right-hand side

    Job Module - Job Menu
  • Under the ‘Advanced’ section, select ‘Save as Template’.

  • Make changes to the job template details and then click ‘Save‘.

    Job Module - Save Job Template - Completed

The Template will open so that you can make further changes to the template, like creating a new template if you do not require this just close the job template.

Updated on March 18, 2022

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