Generate a Quote

Open Job Quote Document

  • To generate a quote for the customer, select the job and click the menu on right-hand side.

  • Under the ‘Reports’ section, select ‘Quote’.

  • A quote based on the job estimate will be displayed in the Document Viewer, where you can also change the design of the quote.

Please note that the profit margins configured for the job will be added to the rates entered in the estimate.

You can configure the logo and sales tax in the My Business Module Module.

Job Quote Settings

  • The system automatically generates a number for the quote. Enter a different quote number if required.

  • By default, the quote is issued with the current date. You can change the date if necessary.

  • Tick ‘Round price’ to show fractions of a cent in the PRICE column. Tick ‘ Calculations & Takeoff” to show all measurements taken off in the estimate. Tick ‘Before job Markup’ to show all prices before job markups.

Below are examples of ‘Quantity Calculations’ and ‘Takeoff’.

  • Quantity Calculations
  • Takeoff

Export Quote

  • To Print/Export your Quote to a printer, a PDF file or HTML document click ‘Export’ in the top bar

  • Click ‘Create in App’ and then select the Company/Application to export to (ie Quickbooks or Xero). Learn how to connect an Application to CostMiner.

Updated on January 6, 2022

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