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Connected Apps

Connect your CostMiner to External applications such as Xero or Quickbooks

Connect application screen

  • To go to MyBusiness settings, click on the settings icon (cog) in the top right-hand corner

    My Business
  • To open the Connect Application screen, click ‘Connect Apps’ tab

    My Business - Connect Apps

Connect to an application

  • To connect to an application, click ‘+ Connect Application’.

    My Business - Connect Apps 1
  • Select the External Application in the drop-down menu, then click ‘Connect’

    My Business - Connect Apps 2
  • Click ‘Next’ to authorise the selected Application.

    My Business - Connect Apps 3
  • CostMiner will redirect you to the authorisation login for your specific application (ie Xero/Quickbooks login).

Delete a connected application

  • To delete a connected application, click the delete (x) next to the application that you want to remove.

    My Business - Connect Apps 4
  • Click ‘Delete’ to delete the selected connections.

    My Business - Connect Apps 5

The contacts that use the connection(s) will be unlinked from the contacts in the external app(s), and you will not be able to re-link them without creating new contacts.

Updated on February 16, 2022
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