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Add/Edit Items for Global Rates

Add an Item to rates list

  1. Ensure you are in the ‘Rates‘ section.
  2. Select your rates list from the drop-down.
  3. To add a new item, click on the ‘Insert Item‘ button or start entering it in the last blank row.

    Add a new item to a list

Edit a rate item

  1. To edit an item in a form or to create a composite Item that is calculated based on other items, click the ‘…’ cell

    edit a rate item
  2. Edit the Item values.
  3. Click ‘Ok’ to update the item.

    edit the item values

Please note that at this point the changes exist only on your computer, and they will be saved to the system when the whole rates list is saved.

Create a Composite Item.

A composite Item Template combines several simple Items into a bundle/template/Recipe.

  1. Edit an Item and then click the ‘Composite‘ checkbox.
  2. In the ‘Items‘ section click in the ‘Item’ cell to search for an item to add to your composite and set a quantity.
  3. Click ‘OK’

    Create a composite rate

All Items added to a composite need to exist within the current rates list selected

Setup Configurable Items for a Composite.

Rather than choosing an item to be part of the existing composite, you can establish a flexible item (a parameter), enabling the line item’s entry to be delayed until the composite rate is implemented in the estimate.

To give an example, instead of setting a composite rate for every variety of grass, we can formulate a singular composite rate for grass installation. The specific type of grass can then be determined when the composite rate is applied to the estimate.

  1. To add a parameter, click ‘Configurable Items‘ title to expand the section.
  2. Give the configurable item a Name and fill in the corresponding fields
  3. Set the ‘lookup heading‘ to outline the search area for item alternatives.

    create configurable

You will be required to have all configurable items under the same heading, as these will be the items shown when the Composite Item is added to your Job Estimate.

Organise Items and headings

  1. Check the item that you want to apply an action to.
  2. Click ‘Insert Item‘ to insert a new item above the current item.
  3. Click the drop-down next to ‘Insert Item‘, then select ‘Heading‘ to insert a heading.
  4. To indent or outdent headings, select them and click the Indent or Outdent button in the toolbar.
  5. To move or copy one or more items, tick them, focus a cell on the row in front of which the items must be inserted and then click ‘Move‘ or ‘Clone
  6. To delete one or more lines, tick them and then click ‘Delete‘.

    organise estimating space

Automatically generate codes

  1. To automatically generate codes for new items and headings, click ‘Codes‘ in the main toolbar.
  2. Then select ‘Auto‘ to regenerate codes for the whole list
  3. To re-generate codes for selected items and headings, select ‘Regenerate

    Generate codes for your list items

The system tries to find a pattern by analysing existing codes. If it cannot work it out, it uses a default code format.

The codes on each level can be numbers or letters with any separators or without them, for example:

1, 1A, 1A-a, 1A-b, 1B, 1B-a, 1B-b, 2, 2A, 2A-a, …

Updated on May 24, 2023
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