• Manage spaces

    Manage Spaces Screen To go to MyBusiness settings, click on the settings icon (cog) in the top right-hand corner. To open the Manage spaces screen, click ‘Spaces’ tab Create new business To create a business space, click ‘New Business’. Fill in the new business details and click ‘OK’. Manage business…

  • Billing

    Billing Screen To go to MyBusiness settings, click on the settings icon (cog) in the top right-hand corner. To open the Billing screen, click ‘Billing’ tab Renew Subscription Click on ‘Renew Subscription’ in the ‘Billing’ Tab. Select your ‘Subscription Type’ and ‘Number of users’, then click ‘Place Order’ Once your…

  • Report Template Definition

    A report template is an HTML document with additional mark-up, specific to CostMiner. Writing new report forms or making significant changes to the standard ones requires some knowledge of the HTML standard. You do not need to have deep understanding of the technology to make small changes to the existing…

  • Report Designer

    To Edit a Quote, Invoice, Rate Breakdown, Job or Rates report, click ‘Design’ in the main toolbar, then click ‘Edit’ Change the report template in the HTML editor. The report is re-generated as you edit the template. If there is an error in the CostMiner mark-up, the error message will…

  • Template Report

    Estimate Item Templates Analysis Report displays the quantities and rates that were used for estimating a group of jobs. The report presents the information for each Item Templates that was used in the estimates and allows analysing the accuracy of the rates and/or Job Estimate. To open the Estimate Template Analysis Report, click…

  • Jobs Report

    The Jobs Report shows job details and estimated costs. To open the Jobs Report, click ‘Reports’, then click ‘Jobs’. Enter search criteria for the jobs if required and then click ‘Rebuild’. The report will be displayed based on the selected search criteria.

  • Delete a contact

    To delete a job, click the checkbox next to a Contact. Click the ‘Delete’ button. Click ‘Yes” to confirm and delete the selected Contacts.

  • Export a contact

    Before exporting a contact to your connected application, you will need to connect to the application to CostMiner first, please click here to learn more. Click the checkbox(s) of the contacts that you want, then click ‘Export to’, then select the company/application, you may be required to reauthenticate to confirm…

  • Search for a contact

    Type in Search to find a contact. Click the Contact you are interested in. The Contact details and the Jobs related to the Contact will be displayed. Click ‘Close’ (x) to return to the Main Contact section.

  • Edit contact details

    To edit job details, click on the Contacts name. Click on the “Edit” button in the ‘Contact Details’ Section Make changes as required and then save them.